Zachariah Ezer


As an Artist

Black Prometheus: A Tragedy in Five Centuries, Brooklyn, NY        August 2018-Present
Playwright and Director
• Staged Reading at 2AC Gallery in September of 2018
• Participated in BUFU’s EYEDREAM Residency in August of 2018
• Companion piece shown at Abron’s Art Center in October of 2018

Aporia! A Tale of Rhetoric and Philosophy, Middletown, CT         March 2015-April 2017
Lyricist, Librettist, Dramaturg, and Rap Coach
• Produced at Wesleyan’s Malcolm X House, April 14-16, 2017.
• Staged Reading in Wesleyan’s Alpha Delta Phi House in December 2016
• Chosen as a recipient of the Olin Fellowship for independent research and creative writing
• Originated under the tutelage of Quiara Hudes

Watching Football, Middletown, CT                                                    January 2015-April 2015
Playwright and Director
• Premiered April 22, 2015, in the Center for the Arts Theater at Wesleyan University
• Originated under the tutelage of Quiara Hudes

As a Journalist

BubbleblabberNew York, NY                                                                          June 2018-Present
• Wrote breaking news, interviews and features on all facets of adult animation and adult animation adjacent topics

Gizmodo/io9,  New York, NY                                                                               June-August 2017
• Wrote breaking news, interviews and features on (but not limited to) consumer electronics, television, books, movies and comics.
• Managed essential site functions and homepage using Chartbeat and CMS platform, Kinja
• Led research efforts across both websites

HuffPost,  Middletown, CT                                                                            April 2014- May 2017
• Wrote breaking news, critical cultural analysis and think-pieces on (but not limited to) film, race, theatre, gender, music, economics and inter-generational relations
• Interviewed high-profile artists, such as Anamanaguchi, Twin Peaks and Elsinore
• Research, CMS and Socialflow experience

As an Administrator

Ars Nova, New York, NY                                                           September 2018-December 2018
General Management Emerging Leader
•Assisted with day-to-day operations, including union reporting
•Managed the finances and cash flow of the theater using Quickbooks and Excel
•Prepared contracts for actors, directors, and designers

Mabou Mines, New York, NY                                                      September 2018-October 2018
House Manager, Box Office Manager
•Prepared theater for nightly productions
•Handled ticketing through OvationTix
•Gained F-03 Fireguard Certification

PS122/Performance Space: New York, New York, NY        September 2017-February 2018
•Assisted with day-to-day operations, including preparation of legal documents and maintenance of filing system
•Managed relationships with patrons and spearhead efforts to prepare the theater for 2018 reopening

W.A.T.C.H.,  Middletown, CT                                                                    January 2015-May 2017
Founder and President
• Originated the Wesleyan Alternative Theater Collective, Hermeneutics, a theater company for dynamic and interesting shows unable to be performed elsewhere
• Created the Wesleyan Exquisite Corpse Project, a cooperative writing project that produces one feature script each semester
• Produced two straight plays and a full-length musical

WESU, Middletown, CT                                                                            January 2014- June 2016
Music Director, Librarian and DJ
• Served on the station’s Board of Directors and managed the relationship between WESU and music conglomerates that supplied the station with new music
• Managed a multiple thousand dollar budget for new music
• Oversaw the organization of a collection of music containing over ten thousand CDs and records


Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT                                                   August 2013-May 2017
Bachelor of Arts, Major: Philosophy; Minor: Film; Creative Writing Certificate; Honors in General Scholarship; Honors Thesis; University of Texas at Austin Summer Screenwriting Workshop


EYEDREAM Residency, Brooklyn, NY                                         August 2018-September 2018
• A $250 grant and weeklong residency awarded by BUFU to art and activism projects that exemplify the message “Solidarity is Possible, but not Inevitable.”
• Used to rehearse for and conduct a staged reading of “Black Prometheus: A Tragedy in Five Centuries”

Olin Fellowship, Middletown, CT                                                         March 2015-August 2015
• A $4,000 grant awarded to creative projects of merit at Wesleyan University
• Used to move to New York City, temporarily, and write the first draft of Aporia! A Tale of Rhetoric and Philosophy

LIT Council Finalist, Letter of Marque Theater EST Finalist