Kami Hotel

Aimless drifter Aiden finds a purpose in life: caring for a hotel that houses gods no one believes in anymore, but when the newly popular Greek pantheon arrive to destroy the hotel, Aiden and the gods must defend their shared home.

Written for Screenwriting at Wesleyan in the Fall of 2016.


Beer Chaser

After throwing a party to impress the girl of his dreams, perpetual slacker Oren must replace 90 imported beers, or the crust punk band he stole them from is coming for him.

Written in the Spring of 2016.



American Dad– Halternative Medicine

Steve and Principal Lewis steal some time-stopping watches from the CIA; Stan becomes obsessed with homeopathy, and Roger’s out to prove he’s telekinetic.

A spec script written for contests in the Spring of 2017.


Punching Bag

The origin story of the first ghetto superhero, his sidekick, a former boy genius and a magical community college professor.

Written in the Spring of 2017.


Once Again, the Day Is Saved

In a world where superheroes and villains are crisis theater, the world’s first real superhero, a disgruntled villain and a television reporter unite to uncover the conspiracy.

Written in the Spring of 2016 for Writing for Television II at Wesleyan.


Silicon Valley– Data Mine

Richard and the Hostel must contend with a pernicious government regulator; Monica needs a client list from Russ, and Bighead makes a friend.

Written in the Fall of 2016 to gain entry to Writing for Television II at Wesleyan.