My most recent scripts can be found on New Play Exchange. Older scripts may be provided upon request.


The Sprinkler (Full-Length)

Lamar hasn’t been home in days; Alex can’t stop getting into fights by the reservoir, and Kate is seeing an unlicensed Christian therapist. The trio only has a few months of high school left before they go to college Up North, but if their conservative, suburban town doesn’t destroy their futures, the games of control they play with each other just might.

Blaxploitation (One-Act)

At a midnight movie screening, director Roxie Spectacular exhibits their cult classic, “A Time to Die”, in which a martial arts master and a genie try to use time travel to prevent the zombie apocalypse before a special agent from the future can stop them.

Time to A Phantom (Ten-Minute)

Kyle’s apartment is haunted, so he calls his super.

Black Prometheus (One-Act)

Stuck in a negative experience machine, a pair of Black test subjects do everything they can to stop dying over and over again and theorize a way out.

Older Scripts, Stage

Aporia! A Tale of Rhetoric and Philosophy (Full-Length Musical)

Music by Eli Maskin.

An exiled Cretan conman named Protaginus starts a fly-by-night rhetoric school in Athens. But after he falls in love with one of his student’s wives, he has to win a high-profile court case and get out of town, before an insatiable Socrates turns his attention to Protaginus’ fledgling academy.

Watching Football (One-Act)

Four stoners’ thoughts about postmodernism, Hollywood Blockbusters, metafiction, and anything else they can think of come to life while watching Monday Night Football.

Shuck and/or Jive (One-Act)

Two Jews in the 1920’s appropriate Black music to write race records. Two Black men in the present lock themselves in a radio station after a militant broadcast goes awry. A magical spirit paddles a boat between the two.

The Man in the Mirror (One-Act)

A young man processes the death of his father and the end of a relationship, from the prison of his bathroom.

Older Scripts, Screen

Kami Hotel (Feature)

Aimless drifter Aida finally finds a job she doesn’t hate: caring for a hotel that houses gods no one believes in anymore. But when the Greek pantheon arrive to destroy the hotel, Aida and the gods must defend their shared home.

Punching Bag (Pilot)

The origin story of the first ghetto superhero, his sidekick, a former boy genius and a magical community college professor.

Once Again, the Day Is Saved (Pilot)

In a world where superheroes and villains are crisis theater, the world’s first real superhero, a disgruntled villain and a television reporter unite to uncover the conspiracy.

Beer Chaser (Feature)

After throwing a party to impress the girl of his dreams, perpetual slacker Oren must replace ninety imported beers, or the crust punk band he stole them from is coming for him.