Aporia! A Tale of Rhetoric and Philosophy (Musical)

“What About Me” Live

Music by Eli Maskin. Production Directed by Miranda Hoyt-Disick.

An exiled Cretan rhetorician named Protaginus starts a fly-by-night rhetoric school in Athens. But after he falls in love with one of his student’s wives, he has to win a high-profile court case and get out of town, before an insatiable Socrates turns his attention to Protaginus’ fledgling academy.

My senior thesis in General Scholarship (or Interdisciplinary Studies) for Wesleyan University, awarded Honors. I began writing it in April of 2015, and was awarded the Olin Fellowship in that same year to do research and finish the first draft. The work was read in the Alpha Delta Phi house at Wesleyan on November 20, 2016. It was then staged by the Wesleyan Alternative Theater Collective, Hermeneutics, April 14-16, 2017 in Wesleyan’s Malcolm X house, during which I served as dramaturg and rap coach.


Watching Football (One-Act)

Script     Video     Trailer

Four stoners’ thoughts about postmodernism, Hollywood Blockbusters, metafiction and anything else they can think of come to life, while watching Monday Night Football.

Written for Contemporary Plays in the fall of 2014 and performed on April 11, 2015 in the Ring Family Performing Arts Hall at Wesleyan University. Directed by Zach Ezer.


Shuck and/or Jive (One-Act)

Two Jews in the 1920’s appropriate black music to write race records. Two black men in the present lock themselves in a radio station after a militant broadcast goes awry. A magical spirit paddles a boat between the two.

Written for Advanced Playwriting in the Spring of 2015.


The Man in the Mirror (One-Act)

A young man processes the death of his father and the end of a relationship from the prison of his bathroom.

My first serious attempt at a script. Written for Introduction to Playwriting in the fall of 2013.